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Rase Steels

07 - Apr - 2015

National cladding merchants and steel erectors we offer an extensive range of box profile, insulated sheeting and fibre cement products to meet any cladding demand

Box Profile And Corrugated Sheeting

Box Profile and Corrugated Sheeting

Single skin sheeting is available in both box profile and corrugated form in thicknesses ranging from .7mm thick roof quality sheet to .4mm thick liner panel for internal work on twin skin systems.

We carry a large variety of stock in a variety of colours and finishes both polyester paint finish and PVC coated plastisol material.

We also cut your sheeting to the exact length requested with sizes ranging from 1 metre in length up to 11 metres in length.
We also sell anti-condensation sheets which have an absorbent felt matt rolled on the underside of the sheet.

Profiles we offer

34/1000 both forward and reverse profile

32/1000 both forward and reverse profile

26/1000 both forward and reverse profile

13½/ 3 standard corrugated

19/1000 liner tray

Tile look a like

Anti-condensation Sheeting

We also hand press small orders of discontinued profiles for people that need to do repairs or alterations.

Note 'we have a large range of discounted seconds available'

Special offers always available on 3 metre light grey polyester coated box profile.

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